We'll help you make the switch

If you’re switching your banking from another financial institution to Community First Credit Union, we’ll help make the process simple, quick and easy with our account switching service. Simply follow the simple 5 step process below or download our handy switch ebook.
Step 1: Become a Member
If you're not yet a Member of Community First Credit Union, you can apply online, call 1300 13 22 77 or visit your nearest Store.
Step 2: Authorise us to obtain a list of your Regular Payment arrangements from your current financial institution
Complete the Regular Payment Switching Request form and return it to us. We will contact you once we have received a list of your regular payment arrangements from your current financial institution.
Step 3: Let us know which regular payments you would like to switch to us 
Complete the Notice of Variation of Account Details form for each of the payment arrangements you would like to switch and return the form to us. We will forward this form to the financial institution your suppliers bank with to action. (A supplier is a company who debits or credits your account)
Step 4: Provide authority to cancel any direct debits you are switching
If you are cancelling any direct debit arrangements, we will forward you a direct debit cancellation form. All you will need to do is sign it. We will send this form to your old financial institution and the financial institution your suppliers bank with to notify them you are cancelling a debit arrangement.
Step 5: Close your old account
Once you are sure all regular debits and credits have successfully been re-established on your new account, you can close your old account with the Authority to Close Account form.
Where to forward correspondence
Attn: Member Administration
Fax to: 02 9735 1661
Post to: PO Box 98, Lidcombe NSW 1825