Our top tips to save on fees

1. Use our sweep system to avoid dishonour fees
By using our sweep system if there are insufficient funds in your account for a direct debit, we can sweep funds from an alternative account. This will avoid overdrawing your account and charging you a fee.
2. Use EFTPOS to get two transactions for the price of one
Take some extra cash out when you are paying by EFTPOS. This way you can reduce your fees by taking advantage of two transactions for the price of one.
3. Reduce ATM fees by making larger withdrawals
If you need to make a withdrawal from an ATM, make larger than needed withdrawals rather than multiple small withdrawals. This will help reduce your ATM fees.
4. Make the most of fee free transactions
Whenever you make a purchase at a merchant or pay your bills, select the ‘Credit’ option when using your Visa debit card. This type of transaction is always a FREE transaction. You can also pay your bills via BPAY® which is a free transaction.
5. Avoid dishonour, overdrawn and over limit fees with our alerts system
Avoid dishonour, overdrawn and over limit fees on your account by setting up SMS or email reminders via our alerts system. These will help you keep track of your account balances and transactions so you can prevent a direct debit from dishonouring, or prevent your account from being overdrawn or over limit. You can view what alerts are available by logging in to Internet banking. View instructions on how to set up alerts>
6. Use your credit card to save on transaction fees
Instead of using cash or EFTPOS to make purchases, use your Community First Visa credit card and utilise the up to 55 day interest free period depending on your payment cycle. Credit transactions are free which means you save on transaction fees and provided you pay it off in full at the end of 55 day period, you will avoid paying interest and use just one of your free transactions.
7. Make use of cheaper Ways to Bank
Community First cardholders won't be charged a direct charge fee when accessing cash from any of our Community First branded ATMs or the ATMs of the major banks, enabling our members to access their cash from over 10,000 ATMs across Australia, direct charge free. Members can also use EFTPOS as their fees are lower than over the counter fees or, better still, utilise phone and internet banking as these are free.
8. Bring more of your business to Community First to get more free transactions
Bring more of your business to Community First to take advantage of our Member Allowance System. The more business you have with us, the more free transactions you will receive, which will help you to minimise or even avoid paying fees and charges altogether. 
9. Manage your banking activities according to your free transactions
By understanding what your monthly Member allowance is, you will know how many free transactions you have per month. You will then be able to manage your banking activities accordingly to make sure you don’t use more than your given number of free transactions.
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