Having difficulty logging in to Internet Banking?

At Community First Credit Union, we believe that the security of our Internet Banking service is of utmost importance. That's why, Community First Credit Union conducts scheduled maintenance, upgrades and other changes from time to time to ensure that our online environment remains as secure and up to date as possible.
In the event you experience any difficulty logging in to Internet Banking or any of our other online services, please follow the guidelines below and contact us if you continue to experience any issues.
Security Notice- December 2016:
There have been some reports of members with extremely outdated Operating Systems who are unable to update to latest versions of popular Internet browsers. These are restrictions due to support having been revoked by the publisher (Microsoft, Apple).
This includes:
Mac OSX Snow Leopard and below (v10.6 – 7 years old) 
Windows XP and lower (over 16 years old)
If you have an operating system as old as this you will need to upgrade your operating system to be able to access an up to date browser which will then provide Internet Banking access  .
This can be done on a windows machine (although you'll be required to purchase an upgrade)– if you have a Mac you will need to contact apple support on 1300 321 456 if you cant automatically complete the upgrade through the app store.

What to do if you're having difficulty logging in to Internet Banking

1. Refresh your browser
Launch your browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, Firefox ) and go to www.communityfirst.com.au
Hold down CTRL then press F5
The page will re-load, click the Internet Banking login button from the Community First Credit Union website, and again hold down CTRL then press F5
Close the browser
Launch the browser again and navigate to www.communityfirst.com.au and log in to Internet Banking 
2. Clear your cookies and temporary internet files
To clear your cookies and temporary internet files, go to your browser internet options and cache..
Once you have cleared your cache you will need to shut down your browser completely before re-opening it and trying again.
3. Clear your cache
Your cache is like a memory for your browser. If you are having problems loading pages, clearing your browser's cache may fix the problem.
Simply follow the instructions below for the relevant browser you are operating on:
Internet Explorer 10 or higher
In Internet Explorer, select the Tools menu, then select Internet Options
In the browsing history section, click delete
Click delete files
When asked if you're sure you want to delete the files, click yes
Click close
Click OK to close the window
Safari for Mac OS X
In Safari, select the Safari menu and select empty cache
Click empty
In Firefox, select the Tools menu, then select Options (if you're using a Mac, select the Firefox menu, then select preferences)
Select the Advanced icon on the top of the window
Select the network tab
Click clear now
Click OK to close the window
4. Upgrade your browser
Failing all the steps above, you may need to update your browser that you are using to ensure that you have the latest version. The security level on some older versions can sometimes create issues and lead to problems as Internet Banking sites are upgraded.
You should always ensure that you are running on the latest version of your browser. You can upgrade to the latest version of your browser for free via the internet. Simply google your browser name to find the relevant page.
Internet Explorer 6, 7, 8 & 9 
You need to update your browser version to access Internet Banking. Updating is free. 
Safari v 5 or lower
You need to update your browser version to access Internet Banking.  Updating may require upgrading your Operating System. Please visit the app store to begin.  If you cant upgrade to the latest version (Mac OS Sierra) please contact Apple Support on 1300 321 456.
5. Check you're using the latest security protocols
On 25 May 2010, Community First Credit Union made a change to restrict users of our online services from using an outdated security feature known as SSL 2.0 Protocol. After this change occurs, you can check your browser is using the latest protocols by:
Upgrading your browser to the most recent version if you haven't already (see above for instructions)
Click on the Tools menu and then select Internet Options
Go to the Advanced tab
Scroll down to the Security options
Ensure that 'Use SSL 3.0' and 'Use TLS 1.0' are ticked

For further assistance

If you are still having issues logging in to Internet Banking, please contact us as soon as possible.
When you contact us, please ensure you let us know which browser you're using.
How to check which browser you're using
For Internet Explorer: go to the Help menu in your tool bar and select About Internet Explorer. A pop up window appears with your version number.
For Safari: go to Safari menu, select About Safari. A pop up window appears with your version number.