In order to prevent unauthorised use on your card, you should:


  • Check your account statements on a regular basis and report any unauthorised transactions to Community First immediately 

  • Always keep your contact details with your financial institutions up to date 
  • Always shield your Personal Identification Number (PIN) with your hand when entering it at an ATM and EFTPOS terminals 
  • Do not write your PIN down or disclose it to anyone. 
  • Change your PIN at regular intervals and select PINs that are not easy to guess. e.g. don’t use your date of birth. 
  • If you believe that someone has seen your PIN, arrange to have it changed right away 
  • Always keep your card in your sight when you hand it to shop assistants – they should never leave the room with your card 
  • Be sure to let your financial institutions know if you are travelling overseas 
  • Set up free SMS and/or email alerts on your accounts so that you can be notified of any activity as it happens.


Community First Credit Union has now commenced using a new credit card monitoring tool which analyses all or our card based transactions, looking for any suspect transaction usage. This tool is called Vigil.
Vigil staff members may contact our member’s from time to time to confirm if the suspect transaction was authorised.
Please remember to ensure that you don't provide any personal information (except confirming details of the transaction only) and take care when dealing with any third party calling on behalf of Community First Credit Union.