Northern Beaches Credit Union (NBCU) has been a part of Community First Credit Union (CFCU) for two years now. During this time, we’ve grown together and celebrated success in reaching our first billion dollars in assets, released new products, upgraded services, introduced new technologies, and we’re not stopping there.
We’re always listening to the feedback of our members and staff, and we’ve learned that the use of the two brands is causing some confusion for existing members and residents of the Northern Beaches. Therefore, Community First is pleased to share with members that the Northern Beaches brand will be changing to Community First over the next few months. 
What does this mean? 
This will not change our values as a credit union and as always, we will continue to be run for the benefit of members. This initiative is about putting our members first and provides an improved opportunity to upgrade services, improve your experience with us and further invest in providing a viable banking alternative for members on the Northern Beaches. As part of this change, there will be a significant amount of investment into the stores on the Northern Beaches, commencing from December 2017. Then, from March 2018, NBCU members will need to start utilising Community First's contact details to access services such as the contact centre, telephone banking and email support. 
Exciting changes to your store network 
In the October Focus Newsletter and on our website, we announced the  closure of the Newport Store on 1 December 2017. The usage of the Newport site was relatively low and we are able to serve members better via larger premises with more services. This is the first of a series of planned changes to the store network commencing in December 2017. 
The second change is the relocation of the Warringah Mall Store to a new Community First store at Warriewood on 18 December 2017. The planned changes help improve coverage across the Northern Beaches, enable the investment in a new store location and upgrade of the existing stores to improve our service. As always, the decision to make any changes to stores are based on what will benefit the most number of members. Importantly, the same staff that members have come to know at NBCU will not be changing. Community First remains committed to growing within the Northern Beaches market and giving residents a local member owned banking alternative.
The highlights of the new upgrades include:
An exciting new store at Warriewood, improving access for members who live further north
Extended trading hours for all stores to include Saturdays 9am – 12pm
New open-plan layout and modern design 
Upgraded self-service technology
New facilities including a coin counting machine and rediATM
What do members need to do? 
From 1 March 2018, members should start using the contact details below to access services and support. Each of these will be re-directed to the CFCU equivalent from this date.
There are no other changes to accounts, cards, payment arrangements, PINs, passwords or products. Please ensure you are using the Community First BSB - 512 170.
The NBCU mobile banking app will continue to work, however Community First will soon be launching a brand new app soon which will offer you more self-service functionality than ever before. 
Stay up to date
Regular information will continue to go up on both Community First and NBCU websites. If you have any questions regarding the planned changes, please contact us on  1300 13 22 77 or email We’re available 8am – 8pm weekdays and 8am – 3pm Saturdays.

Last updated: 24 November 2017

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