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Loans for Self Employed

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Loans for self employed - Community First Credit Union

Loans for self employed

Community First Credit Union is able to offer loans to self employed applicants including home loans, personal loans, credit cards and overdrafts. Please note that Community First does not offer commercial lending.

What happens after I submit my application?

After you complete an application for a loan with Community First, we will contact you to discuss your application and make sure we have all the information we need. We will also request from you some documentation required to support your loan application.

When will my application be assessed?

Once we have all the documentation requested, we are then able to complete a full assessment of your application which means that once it is approved, we can arrange faster funding of your loan.

What sort of documentation will I be required to provide?

The types of documentation we will request from you may vary between applicants due to differences in individual situations and the type of loan you are applying for. The following are some examples of documentation you may be asked to provide. It’s a good idea to begin collecting some of these items as soon as your application is completed to speed up the process.

  • Last 2 years full Tax Returns and financials/profit & loss statements for both of your personal and/or company tax returns to support your Self Employed income, and last 2 pay slips for other applicants
  • Proof of any rental income for properties via real estate statement or copy of executed lease
  • Latest Notice Of Assessments for each applicant
  • Last 3 months most recent everyday transaction account statements where your income is credited to. These must demonstrate the regular payment of any liabilities you may have
  • Last 3 months statements of any loans or credit cards you are refinancing to us
  • Copy of current rates notice if it is a mortgage application
  • A completed Membership application form if you are not already a member
  • A certified copy of each applicant’s ID, together with the ‘Becoming a member’ form

Where can I send my supporting documentation?

The sooner you return the information required to us, the sooner we can complete a full assessment and advise you of the outcome.

You can return your documentation via any of the following methods:

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